Safety and security films

Safety and security Films

Safety and security films and assembling to offices, business premises, jewellery stores and banks, home or for example to your boat.

Safety and security films; Assembling and removals in Finland tailored to your personal requirements in material and schedule.

The following video is to demonstrate the effect of a safety film.

Window safety films protect efficiently your home or for example business premise from burglary and breaking. When safety is vital for you the security film protect you with its modern and high-class manufacturing technology by making the window persistent and harder to break, slowing down the the intruder. The safety film protects the window from splintering by attaching the fragmented glass pieces to the film, securing the surroundings and people around the glass and making the window extremely hard to break.

Safety film functions by buying more time to catch the intruder or thief by slowing down the typically fast first phase of the burglary; breaking the window. The film will protect the inside of the premises and the people inside, and as well normally the whole burglary will end to the first phase when the time is at essence and the breaking is made harder.

The safety film will be assembled to the window attached and is therefore a cost-effective solution to protect your property.

The security films and safety films are functional solution and are exploited to ensure the safety in for example households, airports, shopping malls, government buildings, schools, offices and business spaces such as jewellery stores, stores and restaurants or banks.

There are various options in choosing the film to match your specific demand from films with a light protection specs to films with intense protective rates such as protection from hurricane or explosion. There are as well choices from a clear film to mirror film.

Safety film advantages

  • Prevent a burglary by slowing down the breaking of the glass and by so possibly preventing the whole burglary.
  • Protection from damages to people and increase of safety. 
  • Block the glass from spallation and prevent the interior from damages.
  • Reduce the hazardous UV-rates (by 99%) and prevent the materials and furniture inside from fading.
  • Keep the window surface cleaner and protect the glass from scratches.
  • Cost-effective.

The Safety film can be installed to:

  • Business premises, for example jewellery stores, stores, restaurants.
  • Offices, banks
  • Government buildings, hospitals, schools, union buildings
  • Home
  • Boats, cars

Orders and assembling are executed quickly, matched to your schedule suitably.

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