Dust, frosted and sand films and tapes

Dusted films and sandblast films serve as an excellent solution, for example, for the protection of the balcony, as a space divider for the office, privacy protection for home or for interior decoration.

Dusted film is a modern alternative for curtains as a space divider or to bring privacy of vision. There are also different types of solutions from different shades to different styles and designs. The film also works as an essential space divider or for creating a mood, and to give a finishing touch to the style you choose. There are a lot of variations to provide a response to match your purpose, so we encourage you to contact us so we can find a solution together for your space or premises.

Below you can find pictures about sharing office space with a dusted film or milk glass tape.

We provide you with a professional assembling with warranty, quality material and scheduled to match your timetable. In our wide range of products, only the highest quality brands and materials are available, and we will surely find the option that suits your needs to achieve the true outcome of your wish with appearance.

The dusted and sand film basic features:

  •  Protecting the balcony from outside viewers with the dust film
  • Home decoration with Sand Blast Films
  • Film facade shaping of business premises
  • Space diverts, such as office rooms or meeting rooms with milk glass tape or dusted film
  • Dust, barrier and sight protection tape, as well as other privacy-enhancing tapes
  • Interior decorations, elemental tapes

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