3M Car window tinting

We offer full service for tinting of car glasses, sun protection tints, privacy and burglary protector and anti-dazzle films.




  • Full car (7 glasses)                         280€
  • Rear windows (5 glasses)           220€
  • Rear windows (3 glasses)           170€
  • Front windows (2 glasses)            80€
  • One window, no rear window    40€
  • Rear window (1 glass)                   100€

Car tinting operates from Monday – Sunday by agreement + self-service (For your own garage in the Helsinki area, also on weekends).

We offer professional car tint assembling, with over 5000 car experience.

Please book an appointment or ask for more information, we are most of the day assembling and in the field operations so the best way to reach us is via the contact form or email.

Tinting of car windows

Tinting of car windows brings you privacy, makes the car look elegant, reduces UV rays helping to keep the temperature level stable and prevents glaring.

We use high-quality 3M films, of which 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% darkening shades can be selected. 5% and 20% of the films are the most commonly used films for cars, of which 5% is the strongest. In this case, when viewed from the inside, it is possible to see out, but not inside the car. The 20% film provides a little bit lighter effect and from out it is possible to see the characters inside the car.

The films have a 3M warranty, and properly handled, the 3M films will withstand in the car window undamaged for decades.

Benefits of tint and sun protections films on the car window:

  • Reduces glare
  • Rejects the sun’s rays and keeps the interior considerably cooler
  • Brings your car a refined and elegant look
  • Provides privacy from outside viewers, vision protection, reducing theft!
  • reduces the fading of textiles by reflecting UV rays
  • Improves comfort when travelling by car
  • Improves security by preventing fragmentation of glass in the event of an accident
  • Keeps the window cleaner, facilitates glass cleaning, and prevents scratching


The Finnish law allows the rear of the car to be completely tinted, but driving the car with the front windows or the windscreen tinted is not allowed. However, it is possible to install a dazzling cover in the windshield, up to about 18cm.

When taking off the film: Depending on the glue and how long the tint has been attached to the window, the rear window heaters may have been attached to the film. This means the film might damage the heaters and taking off the film is at your own risk.

Remember to bring the car to the tinting operation in a neat condition without any extra stuff in the vicinity of the to-be-tinted windows. If you travel with a pet or the car is dusty, it should be vacuumed before entering the garage. The windows do not need be washed in advance. Assembling takes from 1.5h to 2.5h.

After the tint process: Windows should be kept closed according to the instructions given, for at least 5-28 days! Please note that after window tinting, the moisture content of the film may become a drop between the window and the film, but normally it disappears over time with the drying process.

Reserve cash for payment!

Orders executed quickly matching to your schedule; you can even order a car window tinting for your own garage in Helsinki area. The garage needs to be with light, spacious and clean without dust.

Cancellations and changes 24 hours prior to booking, otherwise we will charge a cancellation fee.



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